Towards Zero

First published in 1944 and this edition was first published by Pan books in 1948. This copy is not dated, but I guess it to be from the 1980s due to the price of £1.25.

Cover photo by Colin Thomas

On February 12 someone works out a scheme for murder and fixes a date in September. During the summer other persons in the drama-to-come make their holiday plans. And in September Mr Treves, the distinguished London solicitor, finds himself in a comfortable hotel not far from Gull's Point, the home of Lady Tressilian.
Gathered in the house is a curious assortment of guests - Nevile Strange, the well-known athlete and her ward and heir, his beautiful wife Kay, his divorced wirfe Audrey, and Thomas Royde, an old friend of the family on leave from Malaya. Across the river estuary at another hotel Ted Latimer, Kay's decorative young friend, is staying. And in the backgrond, the incorruptible journalist MacWhirter.
So the stage is set for murder most foul.

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