Taken at the Flood

First published in 1948 and by Fontana in 1961. This is the fifteenth impression, printed January 1984.

Cover is signed MB

Gordon Cloade is killed in an air-raid on London. He has left no will and his vast fortune passes to his young wife, Rosaleen.
But five other people have been promised a share in that fortune, five people who desperately need the money. Now it can only become theirs is Rosaleen should happen to die before them.
There are five people with a strong motive for murder and violent murder is commiteed.
But Rosaleen is not the victim...

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

First published 1940 and by Fontana Books in 1959. This is the second impression, printed June 1961.

Hercule Poirot was just like all od us when it comes to a visit to the dentist. He hated it.
When he left Mr. Morley's surgery the world seemed good. He would not be seeing Morley again for six months,
That afternoon he saw him again - Dead.
In spite of the removal of his two chief suspects Poirot continues to delve below the surface of appearances and uncovers a cunning pploy strewn with traps and false scents.

Death in the Clouds

First published in 1935. This copy is the first issue by Fontana Books in 1957.

The Paris plane rolled to a stop. The passengers stood in the aisle, waiting for the door to be opened. From the windows they could see their friends and relatives waiting for them. But they were in for a rude surprise, for the door was opened, not to admit a smiling stewardess whi would conduct them to the Customs department, but a grim faced inspector, accompnaied by a uniformed policeman.

The bewildered passengers found themselves being led to a small private room, and unpleasant interrogation - for high over the channel a murder, quick and mysterious, had been committed,

Towards Zero

First published in 1944 and this edition was first published by Pan books in 1948. This copy is not dated, but I guess it to be from the 1980s due to the price of £1.25.

Cover photo by Colin Thomas

On February 12 someone works out a scheme for murder and fixes a date in September. During the summer other persons in the drama-to-come make their holiday plans. And in September Mr Treves, the distinguished London solicitor, finds himself in a comfortable hotel not far from Gull's Point, the home of Lady Tressilian.
Gathered in the house is a curious assortment of guests - Nevile Strange, the well-known athlete and her ward and heir, his beautiful wife Kay, his divorced wirfe Audrey, and Thomas Royde, an old friend of the family on leave from Malaya. Across the river estuary at another hotel Ted Latimer, Kay's decorative young friend, is staying. And in the backgrond, the incorruptible journalist MacWhirter.
So the stage is set for murder most foul.

Endless Night

First published in 1967 by Wm. Collins. This copy was the first issue by Fontana books, printed 1970.

The Listerdale Mystery

The Listerdale Mystery was first published by Collins for the Crime Club in 1934. It was first issued in Fontana Books in 1961, and further impressions made in 1963 and 1966. This copy is the fourth impression, published in November 1966.

She wrenched open the door of his first-class carriage and jumped in, crying: "Oh! Hide me -please, please hide me!" There is only one place to hide in a railway carriage - under the seat. Immediately an infuriated face appeared at the carriage windown. George looked up enquiringly. "Can I help you?" he asked politely. "My neice! You have her here, you swine - I saw her. I want my neice NOW!"

Parker Pyne Investigates

Parker Pyne Investigates was first published by Wm. Collins in 1934. Fontana first issued it in 1962, published a second impression in May 1965, and this is the third impression dated June 1973. The cover painting was done by Tom Adams, an illustrator of many of Christie's paperbacks. This impression is priced 30p.