Murder in the Mews

First published in 1927. This copy is from the first issue by Fontana Books in 1964.

The beautiful, flamboyant woman picked up the pink gin and drained it. A moment later someone said sharple, "what's the matter?" and started at the woman, now leaning back in her chair. Her lips were blue, her hand had gone to her heart. She fought fro breath and gasped: "I feel - rather strange..."
Her husband leaned over her solicitously. "What is it, my dear?" "I don't known...that drink - it tasted queer."
He swung round. "The pink gin? My God, it was meant for me, that was my drink!"
He was staring at the convulsed face of the woman as she slipped out of her chair. Someone cried, "get a doctor...hurry!" But five minutes later she was dead.

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