Murder at the Vicarage

The Murder at the Vicarage was first printed in October 1930 and further impressions printed in November 1931, March 1932, July 1932, December 1932, February 1933, January 1934, June 1935, January 1936, January 1938. This copy is an eleventh impression printed in October 1939. According to a White Circle Books Crime Club title list in Death in the Clouds, Murder at the Vicarage was no. 32.

In the front is an advert for Linovent and in the back an advert for Cadbury's Bourneville and H. Samuel watches. The H. Samuel advert states that they tested their Everite King watch by clamping it to the wheels of the Cheltenham Flyer, and after hundreds of miles it was removed and still worked perfectly!

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