Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock was first published by Collins Crime Club in 1955. This copy is the first impression by Fontana, published in 1958.

Curious things are happening in a student's hostel.
Various ill-assorted objects disappear - a powder compact, bath salts, an electric light bulb. A rucksack is slashed, a silk scarf is wantonly cut up.
Hercule Poirot visits the hostel. He observes the occupants closely - Colin McNabb, the flaming, redheaded medical student; dark, clever Valerie Hobhouse who works in a beauty parlous, and all the others. At first their relationships and characters, though intricate seem innocent, but Poirot is uneasy. Gradually his worst fears are confirmed, a murder is commited and one after another all sorts of ugly details come to light.

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